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Tom Burgess (Meet The Author) - From Here to Prosperity

October 19, 2021

Tom Burgess has been a serial entrepreneur, journalist, editor, lecturer and broadcaster. He was active in student politics, has stood for public office, was a founder member of a new political party and has edited a political newspaper. He built a marketing business that operated in 80 countries from offices in London and San Francisco and has personally advised over 400 companies as well as the Republic of Ireland and the State of California. He founded Savemoneynow, an online comparison service and was Highly Commended in the Entrepreneurial Director of the Year Awards. He holds a BA Honours in Public Administration and is a member of the Commonwealth Club of California and the Royal Economic Society. He is son of the late Dr Ronald Burgess, Director of the Economic Study Association and author of the book Public Revenue Without Taxation.


Today’s podcast (Part 1) is highly topical as he recommends more preferable taxation ideas than the government taxing the poor when the billionaires have made a fortune this pandemic. He argues convincingly that a wealth tax or land tax would have left everyone better off than when the pandemic started.


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