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Phil Anderson (Part 4) - The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

January 4, 2022

Welcome back to the final part of this 3 part podcast series with economist and investor Phil Anderson. Phil wrote the Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking in 2008 which documented the boom bust cycles in US land and property values over the last 250 years.  Phil is an in demand speaker in the  and is the founder of Property Sharemarket Economics, a subscription service for investors looking for advice on global market movements.  In this podcast we look to the future and what we can predict is likely to happen based on our understanding of the past.

In this podcast we cover:

               0.00-200               Welcome and set up.

                2.00                        Use the past to help guide you through the future.

6.00                        Nikolai Kondratiev – Russian economist who spotted waves in long term economic trends and David Ricardo – two economists worthy of further study.

11.30                     How credit facilitates the boom going higher.

12.30                     Getting ready for the big one which will draw everybody in (and forget the past).

18.50                     How the work of WD Gann has helped.

21.00                     Most known for his land and property work but is a trader at heart.

22.00                     What are your next projects?

26.30                     What is he doing at Property Sharemarket Economics?

28.30                     Close.


Thank you for listening to this mini series with Phil Anderson. If you’d like to find out more be sure to buy the book and check out his site at


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