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Phil Anderson (Part 3) - The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

December 28, 2021

Welcome back to part two of this 3 part podcast series with economist and investor Phil Anderson. Phil wrote the Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking in 2008 which documented the boom bust cycles in US land and property values over the last 250 years.  Phil is an in demand speaker in the and is the founder of Property Sharemarket Economics, a subscription service for investors looking for advice on global market movements. 

Following on from our first interview, we begin where we left off with the Great American BBQ where the USA was parcelled up and sold off to the highest bidders.

In this podcast we cover

1.01.1      What did the 12 states do to create the 18 year cycle (and ensure there were people to work          in the factories)?

1.00           Running out of Frontier.

7.00        Moving into the 20th Century and the First World War.

10.00     Think like a bank not like a customer.

11.00     Banking = a license to print money.

15.00     The Florida Boom- Bust

17.00     How you know you are heading for a crash when a politician says they’ve ended the boom-bust cycle.

20.00     Recovering from the Second World War.

22.00     What did you notice about the changing post-war cycle?

23.30     The con artists may change but the cons don’t change that much!

25.40     The best way to rob a bank is to own one.

27.30     Phil’s biggest learning from all his research.

29.00     This time will be different? It’s not been different so far.

32.00     Wall Street feeding and encouraging an addiction to speculation. 


Thank you for listening. Join us next time where we look ahead to the future of the markets.


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