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Phil Anderson (Part 2) - The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

December 14, 2021

In this series of short podcasts we are speaking with economist and investor Phil Anderson. Phil wrote the Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking in 2008 which documented the boom bust cycles in US land and property values over the last 250 years.  Phil is an in demand speaker in the international conference circuit and splits his time between Europe, Asia and his home country of Australia. He is also the founder of Property Sharemarket Economics, a subscription service for investors looking for advice on global market movements. 

Following on from our meet the author interview where Phil speaks about his inspirations for writing the book, he gets into more detail.

In this podcast we cover the following

0-1.30    Welcome

1.30        Carl Jung and the Artesian Well – What happens when we “enclose” the land?

3.30        Is the world based on scarcity or abundance?

7.30        The research behind the 18 year cycle.

12.30     The importance of knowing your history and using the clock.

17.45     Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana.

19.30     There are experts of individual boom-bust cycles but everyone sees them as separate.

23.00     Alexander Hamilton – keeping the bankers happy!

27.00     The Wakefield Plan – parcelling up Australia so there were people to work in the factories.


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