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Phil Anderson (Meet The Author) - The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

November 22, 2021

This week we are speaking with one of our most popular authors, economist and investor Phil Anderson. Phil wrote the Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking in 2008 which documented the boom bust cycles in US land and property values over the last 250 years.  Phil is an in demand speaker in the international conference circuit and splits his time between Europe, Asia and his home country of Australia. He is also the founder of property sharemarket economics, a subscription service for investors looking for advice on global market movements. Here's what we cover.

00.0       Welcome and how did you get into researching the real estate and banking.

03.30     Maybe Winston Churchill had a point – the Henry George League.

06.00     Family business and the benefits of running a cash generating business in a downturn. 

09.00     Helping people to understand how the world works so they can see what’s coming.

13.20     Enclosing the rent and the value of location.

19.00     What was the process of writing the book? 1995 – emailing subscribers.

23.30     Most surprising/useful insights from 10 years of writing the book – the cycle always finds a way to complete.

25.20     What draws people to your work?  People who want to operate on a longer time frame and taking the stress out of life!

29.00     Current projects – working on an update and campaigning for a citizen’s dividend.

34.00     How to live your life in abundance.

35.00     Where can people find out more about your work?



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