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Munu - The most special rhino in the world! Part lI with Helen Worth

December 3, 2021

Our guest today is Coronation Street legend, Helen Worth -the much-loved actress who has played the character of Gail (Tilsley/Platt/Rodwell!) on the world’s most iconic TV series since 1974.  Helen tends to avoid the spotlight away from the street so we were very lucky to get time to speak with her about her career and, most importantly, to tell everyone about the wonderful book Munu – The Most Special Rhino in the World, written by her long-term wildlife conservation partner Shirley Galligan of the White Lion Foundation and illustrated by the brilliant Zoe Barnish.

Helen has been a committed ecologist all her life and we also get into that. Here’s what we cover.


0-2          Welcome and introduction.

3.00        A lifelong passion and commitment for wildlife – riding an “elephant” at 3. 

6.30        First experience helping animals.

8.30       What’s it like having one Britain’s most loved soap characters?

10.30     Gail’s love life!

13.00     What was it like joining the Street in 1974?

15.30     Gail’s break in 2021 and Helen’s 30 year relationship with Shirley Galligan, Founder of White Lion Foundation.

17.30     Why does the foundation take on such difficult challenges? The A-Team of wildlife conservation.

21.30     The crucial role of children in conservation.

25.00     Please visit the White Lion Foundation website and vote for Munu. And buy the book!

26.00     Thank you and close.


Please see the link to the book and the Fireflies image:


Link to Vote:


WLF website:


Thanks for listening. Be sure to get a copy (or three) of Munu - The most Special Rhino in the World from the Shepheard Walwyn website

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