The Shepheard Walwyn Podcast

Fred Harrison (Part I) – The Economist who does the Impossible

February 15, 2021

Fred Harrison is known as a broadcaster and social campaigner – if he is known at all. And yet, he has predicted the last two major economic crashes (the 1990s and 2008-10) more accurately than anyone in the world. Amazingly he wasn’t on TV or advising governments on how to handle it. He was ignored and frozen out of the dialogue of recovery. The publisher Shepheard Walwyn is proud to have published Fred’s books for nearly 40 years.

In this series of podcasts, Fred talks about his journey from newspaperman to economist to social campaigner. He explains how he can do what others say is impossible and why those in control persist with an inferior and dangerous set of economic beliefs. He also offers ideas for what could be a truly great reset, if we based our economic system on fairness and science.

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