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Dominic Frisby Part 3 - Why is Government the most Expensive Thing you can Buy?

April 19, 2022

Welcome to part three of the interview with Dom Frisby. I am your host Jonathan Brown.

In this podcast we continue our conversation with investor comedian about how Dom measures freedom by the size of the government.

1.30      The bigger the government, the more damage it does. And how freedom and individual initiative creates brilliance.

7.00      Incompetence and corruption in government.

9.00      What is likely to happen if we dramatically reduced government?

10.30   Taxation and major events in history – The American Civil War.

16.00   Some controversial points about Abraham Lincoln’s behaviour in the war.

19.00   Why Britain was able to outlaw slavery.


Check out Dom’s material on Amazon here.

His free YT channel is here.


Be sure to check out Dom’s comedy here.

and his new subscription service on gold, crypto and other investment ideas.

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